Anna // Muskegon, Michigan

I met Anna years ago – she attends my grandfather’s church in Muskegon. We’ve practically grown up together, even though she’s a little younger than me and we live two hours apart. We’ve even been in a wedding together. She was a flower girl and I was a junior bridesmaid. I distinctly remember the first time I really noticed her (which sounds bad at first, but I did my best to avoid anyone who wasn’t family. Of course I knew she existed.) I was listening to a  bunch of people talk in the sanctuary, and I dropped something on the tile floor. It clattered really loud. I was really embarrassed, but Anna, who had been standing a few feet away, bent down and silently handed it back to me. She smiled, and I remember thinking “Wow. She’s nice.” 781A3533That impression has merely grown stronger over the years. As other girls in my acquaintance have changed dramatically with the years, Anna has stayed quiet and gentle. She has this peaceful, calm energy that is such a relief to experience when so many other people are high-energy and high-maintenance and hard for my introvert self to handle. Anna, don’t ever change. You truly have a beautiful personality and a wonderful heart, and I have thought that ever since you smiled at me across the pews when I was thirteen and painfully awkward and shy. Girl, you’re fabulous from the inside out, and I mean that with every bone in my very clumsy body. 781A3859781A3386781A3105781A3709Also Anna put up with a crazy hot day, a lot of “Perfect!” both whispered and shouted, and even my amazing assistant Patience reading lame jokes off the Internet. Now that Anna knows what it’s really like to be behind my camera I’m not sure she’ll ever willingly return. Let’s just say we kept it interesting. 781A3516Does anyone else think she looks like a brown-haired Kelly Clarkson?! 781A3223781A3889781A3236781A3918I know I said she isn’t dramatic, but dang. She sure can pull off the dramatic look. 781A3907781A3283I don’t think I had any pictures from this session that weren’t gorgeous. But if I shared them all, you’d be scrolling for a long time. I will restrain myself this once…


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