Kayla // Niles, Michigan

Mom and I have a particularly well-kept secret – this tiny lavender farm we found two years ago in Niles, Michigan. We go once a year for Mom’s birthday, and I’m hoping to make it a tradition. This time Kayla came along for the ride, and we also stopped by the old Niles train station (and waited until the train had come and gone so we could take glamour shots in the gorgeous old lobby.)

I’m gonna break my sharing rules for this session, because it’s worth every second of scrolling. Kayla is fabulous. 781A4051781A4064781A4054781A4067781A4079781A4065781A4115781A4126781A4123781A4155781A4159781A4161781A4165781A4174781A4176781A4190781A4192781A4200-2781A4212781A4227-2781A4246781A4249781A4300-2781A4292781A4322781A4328781A4335781A4340781A4516781A4509781A4478781A4384781A4380781A4397781A4488781A4518781A4425781A4372781A4394


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