Olivia + Will // St. Joseph, Michigan

I got this crazy idea for a La La Land stylized shoot the other day, and Olivia and Will volunteered for it. What I didn’t realize beforehand (and not until a few days after the shoot) is that Will is from NEBRASKA. It made me feel special that they’d spent some of their precious time together hanging out with me. And a bunch of our siblings. 781A6199 John, Ethan, Ben and Eden provided a running commentary of poses and carried the violins, camera bags, outfit bags, shoes… I’m surprised they didn’t mutiny. We explored downtown St. Joe until late at night, and Olivia and Will played their violins together. Every time they did, I’d inevitably stop them in the middle to change the poses and hear both applause and groans behind me. People absolutely loved listening to their music, and they weren’t happy with me for stopping their impromptu concert.781A6246We recreated several pictures from La La Land, so if you’re wondering where I got this pose, google the movie. 781A6221781A6208781A6235781A6275He even wore a suit, just so I could use the suit jacket! 781A6524I feel like half of the movie was just Ryan Gosling’s arms, now that I’ve tried to recreate poses straight from the movie. Someone was obsessed. 781A6423


781A6462Then we got kicked out of the non-profit carousel for daring to take a picture, because apparently now you have to pay a hefty fee to take pictures in there (which I had no idea!). Even though this shoot was just for fun, and I’m not a professional by any means, we were told to leave. But not before I managed this picture. #rebel

Note: for all those people who secretly hate me and would turn me in for the below picture, don’t worry. I told the guy who kicked us out and he was very kind and let me keep it. 😉 781A6531We wandered down to the pier instead.
781A6557781A6573781A6590781A6596781A6647I never thought I’d be the photographer who always shoots at the beach, but I have this fascination with water. So even with harsh sunlight, I find a way to make it work because WATER. Behind us during this picture, the kids were all climbing the play set and weren’t happy with us when we dragged them away. 781A6701I posted this on Facebook and I have to admit the reason I love it so much – it makes me think of Maine. Speaking of Maine, anyone up for a road trip next summer???! Must be photogenic and willing to put up with stomping on the brakes whenever I see anywhere I like. 781A6756781A6793I had the boys hold out the reflector to block the sun from Will’s face, and it nearly took them both into the water because the wind was so strong. The whole thing was pretty funny, and whenever I see Olivia’s face I start laughing again. 781A6822781A6825That awkward moment when someone says something snarky during a forehead kiss. 781A6838781A6950781A6963781A6967781A7053Will has a cute little “I’m concentrating” face. It reminds me of my Dad’s face when he’s playing the piano. Olivia, you got a good one. Will reminds me a lot of my Dad, and that’s the highest compliment I could give a guy. 781A7066781A7189I told everyone to put their feelings about the shoot on their faces. Ben did NOT hold back. This picture makes me smile every time I see it because we created some amazing memories together, and it was so much more fun with all of them along for the ride. 781A7294


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