Mara + Reid // Kalamazoo, Michigan

I second-shot this wedding for Mitten Photography, and Mackenna and I had a blast together. I was in charge of the groomsmen, and I got to hear some very interesting stories along the way. The wedding took place at Tillers International farm in Kalamazoo, where I’ve never been before this, and it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding.

Give me some pine needles, a little ivy, and some sunshine any day. 781A0021781A9999781A9964Oh my goodness, the reception dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup – some of the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. 781A0872There’s always those old grandmas/irritating older relatives who completely ignore these signs. (*COUGH*, GRANDMA, *COUGH*) If I tried this at my wedding, I’d have to forcibly remove the cameras from their hands… and lock them in a safe somewhere… 781A9981781A9992781A0009781A0076I told them all, “If you put on your tie, you’re going to have to take it off again for the getting ready shots (which they were all super shy about).” Turned out to be a fifteen-minute mistake because there was no mirror in the room and only half of them could put on a tie without looking. 781A0098I should’ve taken a before and after of this room – it was dark, and awful. One of the groomsmen helped me take cardboard off the windows and move all the furniture to one side. I’m definitely not afraid to make a mess, that’s for sure. 781A0121781A0148781A0437As soon as I walked up to the house, I knew I loved the doorway. It might’ve helped if I had actually remembered to shut the door. Whoops. Let’s re-do the wedding, guys. 781A0171It’s going to bug me for the rest of existence. Just imagine how much more perfect this shot would be with that beautiful wooden door. 781A0260So in the middle of this, I was like “tell me a story about the groom, any story” and of course they pulled out all the stops. 781A0309781A0369Perfecting their boy band poses. 781A0469I asked him what his favorite thing about the bride was (I love putting people on the spot during photoshoots, you’ve been warned). His answer: “I love the way she laughs at her own jokes, and she’s just laughing so hard she can’t tell the rest of the joke.” ❤ 781A0498Again with the door. Ugh. For the below shots, his mom wanted a semi-private moment and asked me to shut the door. I will forever love her for it. Also, I love the way he’s looking at her in the below picture. All boys should look at their moms like that. I have to insert here, she was the friendliest and most helpful even though she was swamped with fine-tuning details. She was the first person I met in the morning – knowing zero people, lost on this vast farm in the middle of nowhere – and the first thing she asked me was, “Do you need anything?” 781A0534781A0556781A0607The bridesmaids watching Mackenna work her magic with the bride. 781A0573The bride’s sister (whose speech at the reception dinner made me tear up thinking of the day my little sister will get married).781A0612781A0630Mackenna was a dear and let me steal the bride away for a few shots of my own. 781A0614781A0754A few of these were completely candid, but I loved them. 781A0746781A1539781A0732781A0692Probably my favorite picture of the entire wedding is the shot below. ❤ ❤ ❤ 781A1542The below shot was also completely candid – they were busy celebrating the fact that they were MARRIED! 781A1420781A1430Mackenna also let me experiment with some couples poses – she’s an amazing photographer, very relaxed and fun to work with. I definitely recommend her. 781A1488781A1492781A1508781A1516781A1521781A1592781A1605781A1609781A1669As the DJ announced them as a married couple, they high-fived, which I learned during the speeches has been the groom’s signature move since he was young. 781A1686781A1694781A1761Ok, the below shot is my second favorite – I was waiting for the dancing to begin and caught them subtly holding hands while talking to their guests. 781A1832781A1836“This cake is really good!!” 781A1853They danced to one of my favorite songs, (said every white girl ever, *snicker*, but it’s true) James Arthur’s Say You Won’t Let Go. 781A1881781A1896781A1922Gah, I don’t think I’m meant to be a wedding photographer. All of the moments just melt me into mush. 781A1556



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