Alex + Becca // Three Oaks, Michigan

You may have seen Alex & Becca on the blog several months ago. They had a beautiful farm wedding, and I can say with absolute certainty that this was one of the best wedding days I have had the privilege of attending as photographer. There was a genuine joy that I felt from everyone throughout the day, even though it was nearly 100% humidity and in the 90s. We were all sweltering and sweating like pigs, but that didn’t dim the happiness as Alex and Becca became one. And there’s nothing quite like dancing with friends in the cool twilight at the end of a hot summer’s day.

Without further ado, here are several of my favorites from their wedding day, in no particular order. 781A3001781A2968She had gorgeous beading details on her veil. 781A3035781A3087781A3153781A3172781A3234781A3275781A3338I adore first looks. ❤ 781A3389781A3465781A3432781A3649Who knew they could make direct sunlight look so good?! 781A3572781A3411781A3484781A3697781A3829781A3910781A3923781A3856781A4023781A3977781A4929781A5059781A4551781A5325781A3732781A5595781A5900Pausing for a brief moment to stand in the A/C!
781A5816781A6002781A5884781A6059Lighting the lanterns and setting them afloat on the pond… 781A6068781A6621781A6994781A5673


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