Hey there! I’m Beth, or Liz, or Lizzie, or Elizabeth. (Depending on the person and/or decibel.) Thanks for stopping by my little space! It’s so nice to meet you!

Ever since I was tiny, a camera was always the first thing on my wish list at Christmas. I was beyond estatic when I received my first camera, a tiny purple point-and-shoot. (Don’t worry, I’ve upgraded a few times since then.) Whenever I have time, I’m out and about, camera in hand. I still have so much more to learn, and I wish I could carry around my camera all the time. Maybe I should super glue it to one of my hands? Invent camera glasses with removable lenses? The possibilities are endless.

I love to take pictures of beautiful people in beautiful places. That means you. In your backyard. Or on a mountain. Or in a random field that I’ve driven past somewhere.

My second-favorite thing to do is write. I’ve written several short stories and I’m currently in the middle of two very important novels… or fifteen thousand if you count all the plot ideas I just need to scribble somewhere. I’m a dreamy sort of person, so my characters get caught up in admiring their surroundings and forget that they need to have a conversation to get the story going. The grammar choices I make are iffy at best. I also firmly believe that parentheses are tiny hugs for sentences, and I use them liberally.

I’m pursuing my dreams, and I hope you are too.¬†On to the coffee dates and photoshoots! No, seriously. Email me your entire life story. Share some of your favorite things. Let’s chat!